Trikarya Alam Shipyard

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Ship Building

PT.Trikarya Alam has designs and builds a wide range of small to medium-sized vessels including Self propeller barge for deck cargo, Oil carriers and bulk carriers. The company has built more than 30 vessels since the early 1998.

Ship Repair

Operated since 1991 and have more experience for Ship Repair with General Repair for all kind of vessel. such as General Cargo, Chemical Tanker, Bulk Carrier, etc that capacity from 10,000 DWT to 40,000 DWT for conventional. 

Offshore Engineering

We have continued to grow and develop in consequence the range of our activities is increasing and has expanded.Our engineering and services are not limited to the fabrication of offshore structures of oil industries.

Steel Fabrication

Our engineering capability include Steel Fabrication and Building of Land Base Project such as storage tanks, sstructure of factory, inland transport steel structural, dragging equipment, factory equipment.